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Nicolas Jarossay

1.90 m for 90 kg of muscles, Nicolas Jarossay 38 years old, is determinate. He wants to be the first man to cross the Atlantic in Stand Up Paddle.


A strong personnality and a will out of commun run push it to carry out his project.

Since he was young, Nicolas impassions himself for sport and water. A childhood which however takes place far from the littoral. This child of Seine-et-Marne (France) feels very early attracted by the sea. Its childhood dream : to engage in the Navy.

Engaged at 13 years old as young sapper fireman, then at 16 years old as volunteer in Seine-et-Marne, he engages himself at 19 years old during 2 years in Marseille (France), then at 21 years old he becomes a professional fireman (in 1998) within the GRIMP (Group of Recognition and Intervention in Perilous area). He is also a running water rescuer and a swimmer rescuer on the SNSM’’s lifeboat (National company of Rescue at sea) of Carro (France).

It is in 2009 that Nicolas discovers the Stand Up Paddle (or SUP) which then becomes a true passion, a balance of life.

He discovered the windsurf at the age of 13 years old, and now the Stand Up Paddle brings him the effort of endurance which is appropriate to him. It is a less intense effort, but which can make you go far and for a long time.


Since he was a child its sporting practice concentrated around sports of endurance : the mountain bike, the windsurf, the SUP, running, swimming, and recently the stretching.

He likes big spaces, and it is at sea, in open sea in particular, where he feels best. Nicolas has for it a visceral attraction which prevent him from being far from the water too long.

As a child, Nicolas was fascinated by these adventurers of the Eighties who carried out solitary crossings. He has read a lot of books by Florence Arthaud, Maud Fontenoy, Gerard d’Aboville. For Nicolas, the Stand Up Paddle lends itself to this kind of exploit, to this kind of adventure. The germs of the adventurer are present since a long time inside him. He belongs to this minority of people who has the audacity, the will and the capacity to make spectacular feats to exceed itself.

He prepares his project of crossing the Atlantic in Stand Up Paddle since more than 2 years, to think about every issues, to prepare everything in order to have the maximum of chances to succeed.


« I can spend hours on water, it is a kind of meditation, I realize that I do not think about anything anymore,

even of the movements that I must make to row. »

The transatlantic project


To carry out these more than 5 000 km which separate Africa from America, a paddle board is especially designed and built for this crossing.

A 6.5 m length surface on 1m width will be the dwelling of Nicolas during 75 days. In complement of this surface, the board 2.2 m length profits from a tight compartment, X 0.45 m high X 0.80 m broad.

This compartment is organized to allow a double use : a storage for technical equipment and food, as well as a space dedicated to Nicolas so that he can rest there and use it as a shelter.

Everything has been thought and planned. from embarked navigation and security equipement (GPS – beacons, survival suit……), to water, food, clothing.

On board, Nicolas will exclusively eat freeze-dried food. He made the choice to take on board “manual desalinators to produce his drinkable fresh water. With 3.5 L of water dessalinized per hour, times of pumping will be arranged the morning, midday and the evening.


The router, will be daily linked with Nicolas. He will be his guide, his eyes, indicating the weather and the course to be followed to him.

The medical team of the Dr. Coulange, from the hospital Ste Marguerite of Marseille, specialized in subaqueous and hyperbaric medicine and physiology, and in the preparation and survival at sea, carries out the preparation and the medical monitoring of Nicolas.


Average techniques of Nicolas :

• a board of 60 kg,
• 80 kg of rations of food,
• 40 kg of technical equipment,
• 2 manual pumps to desalinise sea water.


Financial means :

The Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur is the principal partner of this tour.


Budget for the crossing :

• specialized vestimentary equipment : 7 000 € ;
• transport of the board and the material at the starting point and arrival : 12 000 € ;
• equipment (GPS, satellite phone…) : 21 000 € ;
• food : 3 000 € ;
• construction of the Stand Up Paddle board + paddles : 63 000 € ;
• travels : 4 000 €.


Total : 110 000 €.


A kilometers sale for the association RÊVES


revesTo supplement the financing of his crossing of the Atlantic ocean, Nicolas proposes an operation of participative financing with the purchase of the 5000 kilometers of his crossing. With 5 euros, each person can buy one kilometer of his exploit. 10% of the collected money will be donated to the association Rêves (= Dreams) wich realise seriously sick child’s dreams.